About Us


Our Story

In July 2020, We founded a movement which had a clear mission, broken down into three main aims:

1.To celebrate and honour women in sport
2.To change the status quo in terms of what women can achieve
3.To create a platform for women sport and grassroots
It has been a long journey since then touching lives and making an impact along the way.

The year 2020 brought with it many challenges, tests, and lows, creating a need to look deep within ourselves, to find ourselves, our passion and our purpose and to create new meaning post the pandemic. Never has it been more crucial to understand that everything we need to reset, to restart, to recreate is within us . We have seen less promotion of grassroots and women’s sport in different media houses and communities . Sportsgrind is here to bring that change, to bring gender awareness in our sport industry and community. It was with this in mind that We gave birth to Sportsgrind .Which our mission is to bring gender equality in sport and other industries give equal opportunity to both female and male in Zimbabwe who aren’t given platforms to tell their story .

Sportsgrind is not just an organization


Who is Sportsgrind

Sportsgrind was founded by self-motivated Young woman Buhlebenkosi Ncube Who discovered her potential and capabilities that seek to empower ,motivate ,educate women and youths mainly through sport.
Sportsgrind focuses on bringing innovative, creative Projects ,promotion and world class media Communication services . That will empower women and youths to be better version of themselves so to fulfill their purpose .The long term of this organization is to be self sufficient independent Employees and Entrepreneurs.

We will do this by identifying talent engaging in community building projects

We are in the business of bringing the best out of people through sports and education


To Inspire equip sustain the 21st generation with information ,skills and knowledge that they can to reach their divine potential

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