The silent Byo Kasi grassroots soccer heroes

The silent Kasi grassroots heroes In the footballing industry we often forget the important people that planted the seeds in these people we call our stars .we forget those that discovered them and motivated them to take up football as a career. Please allow me uBuhle intombi yakoNcube to appreciate these heroes that planted a seed in those we call our stars ,role models in Bulawayo footballing industry and hoping you will help me with the names of those that are heroes ekasi lakho .

Pumula .Gheto Nkala former coach of east Rovers now owner of Division 2 side Toronto fc Ghetho while at east Rovers produced players like Peter Rio Moyo , Malele Thandazani Ndlovu former Njube Sundowns and chicken inn player , Jila & Jimmy that played for Lancashire ,Thamsanqa Magwadsen ,Nsingo Gelien who went to play for Rail stars njanji

Lobengula heroes Wellington Mbono former Njube Sundowns he produced players like Nhlanhla Ndlovu who went on to play for at Junior level and first team , Rahman Kutsanzira former Highlanders caps united now Fc Platinum player, Innocent Kutsanzira Byo City FC just to name the few while at New west city formerly known as More fire fc , still in Lobengula we have Lesley who coached Amakhosi produced players like Tendai Ngulube , Edmore Mudzanenhamo and many more others .

Magwegwe Sunrise city coach Mabhena who ended up coaching at Highlanders he produced players like Marshall Machazane , Bekithemba Nkiwane( MHSRIP) Malala MHSRIP ,the multi talented Lackson Mutanga who played as a GK as well as infield &many others

Nkulumane / Nkulumane had Mr Ndlovu that was known as Magents he was the owner of Real rovers or Otrick spares… produced players like Mzambiya who played for Bulawayo City FC

Makhandeni had Mahuanga coach Dickson he played a significant role in players like Mlamuli Phakathi,Makwe the smart boy

Mpopoma Ajax fc we have Spha he procedure players like Magaya aka Divine Lunga ,Crispen mashisi, Denzel khumalo, Mbongeni Ndlovu ,Reward Muza,Zibande just to name few

Pumula old had Slonzi who had a great juniors tram from under 13 to 19s.Which they were playing marvellous football he coached Amakhosi formerly known as hardboys indeed they were hard boys as am told it wasn’t easy to play with them at Old Pumula 😉. I give respect to Slonzi as he produced the likes of Gombami brothers Honour and Owen now based in Belgium and USA respectively.He also produced the likes of the late Mbuso Mandiopera who also played for highlanders and had a short stint in Namibia, he produced aswell Zimisele Moyo who is now coaching in Zambia as he decided to call it day due to injuries.Je also produced one of the guys that every junior was scared to face Nyasha Nyaruwa the dazling midfielder , also produced Franco who played for highlanders juniors one of the best left backs that was ever witnessed at junior levels, Still in Pumula we have coach Minienhle Maphosa of Boot laces fc who played for Zim saints he produced players like Peter Muduhwa , Tinashe Makanda

are just some of the few Kasi grassroots heroes coaches that have played a significant role in our local football and on behalf of the football lovers in Bulawayo I say thank you our heroes 🤜🤛 for believing in the talent of those kids in your areas and doing something about it , We couldn’t have known these players if it wasn’t of you guys .Yes the big guys with big names may come and take credit of fruits from the trees that you guys planted but I !! I see you and I appreciate your works ,my words aren’t enough but that’s all I have , with God, s grace I swear I will reward you for your tremendous work that you have done in our society ngithi Dankoe 🤜🤛by Buhle Ncube⚽ the Soccer pundit 😁❤️

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  1. Wow this is touching indeed, these guys you mentioned they have passion with football. And they were so patient with the youngsters as they were grouping young boys with and without talent teach them how to control the ball and how create space.
    And they were so patient in terms of developing these youngsters.
    Indeed they’re our heroes.
    Not only on the field they also managed to get rid of these boys from the street as football was their life.
    They were breathing football, eating football, talking football ⚽️ they were actually married to football.
    We give all the owner to these guys.
    Not all of us managed to succeed in football but one of the key things we learnt was to be discipline.

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