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The Birth of Asante Sana Academy in Matshobane Bulawayo

Asante Sana is a soccer Academy based in the City of Kings Bulawayo it was born in 2019 speaking to one of the founders of Asante Mr Shoko said they understand there many academies nowadays .but Asante Sana is intending to use different approach that is exposing it’s players to international football at tender age . That’s the reason they partnered with Talent Focus Management SA .

He went on saying most Ghetto youths are talented but lack connection, Someone who can give them platform and this is what Asante Sana Academy is to offer for boys and girls in Matshobane and around Bulawayo .

Asante Sana Academy was founded by 6 individuals Stephenson Shumbayaonda Shoko , Bongani Velempini , Manual Mholi , Eddie Maphosa , G.T Nkomo . 5 of these founders are former Matshobane soccer Academy .

Mr Shoko says they are hoping to produce for international market with them having players as young as 8 years upto 17 they know they groom and produce fresh talent .

SR: What are your plans as an Academy looking in the future .

Shoko: Next year which is 2022 we will be registering a D3 team . Though we challenges we wanted to have an income generating projects , we all agreed on having a car wash we approached our community leaders councilor and we were turned down . We even have parents who don’t believe in their kids talents ,some kids don’t even have birth certificates and some having hard time in balancing academics and sport . As we are speaking we had a kid who wasn’t attending school we agreed as management to pay for his school fees and by him stationery .

when schools opened last week .Asante bought uniforms and books , When we went to represent those were told the boy has relocated to his rural home .

SR:Does Asante Sana Academy take both boys and girls or its for boys only ?

Shoko: Asante Sana welcomes all gender Zifa do allow us to play girls with boys until the age of 15 .eg Mercy who captained Under 17 and 20 for Zim played her junior football against boys and she is our assistant coach .

SR:In the next 5 years sir what are your goals .

Shoko: In the next 5 years, our goal is to produce at least 3 players for the international market. Send at least 3 players who are academically gifted to the USA for college football.
We want to expose our players to international football from a tender age. We are in partnership with Talent Focus Management SA. TFM is being run by none other than the Legend Alexander the Cool Ruler Maseko..
In Zambia we have Laughter Chilembe . Our Chairman Mr Bongani is going to Zambia as soon as borders are open for another partnership.
In 5 years we will be a household name.

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  1. Loving this to the max, and I outright pledge my aleggency to the asante sana cause.



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