Fokoza keeps ENtumbane football legacy alive from FFN

Fokoza keeps ENtumbane football legacy alive from FFN foundation to the birth of the Team after a long time. And fighting drug abuse all together

Fortune Fokoza Ncube foundation gives birth to a new bouncing baby in town ENTUMBANE Stars fc .Well Entumbane Stars FC is a club which was established December 2019 as a Development team and is Under Fortune Fokoza Ncube Foundation, it starts from Under 8, 10,12,15, 17 and 20 .

Speaking to the founder of Entumbane fc Fortune Fokoza Ncube who is based in South Africa said

FFN : ENtumbane is known for Drug Abuse so i wanna take these boy’s and girls away from that.

I have been hosting Tournaments and inviting Teams and as for Entumbane we only had a Team that only play’s the Tournament and after the Tournament they stopped playing so i came up with an idea that 2020 i register a Team in the Junior League unfortunately last year we didn’t have a League ,because of the Pandemic but all is in order now and we jus waiting for the opening of football in Zim so we can register.

SR: Considering you starting this initiative to fight something that has heavily affected the Entumbane community how has been response is community supportive ? And I see you mentioned you have also included girls in your team how has been response from the parents. As we are coming from a society that believes sport or rather football in particular is not for women and girls how has been response on that ?

FFN; :Yes the whole idea is to fight the drug abuse and keeping the boy’s occupied.

So far the Community is yet to be involved much though i think it’s because we haven’t yet played any games and also i have plan’s on engaging the Community but so far we have the Mayor of Entumbane/ Emakhandeni part of us .

Yes we also have girls and so far we have 6 girls and we have 3 in the U10 age group and 3 in the U13 age group, i engaged the Parents of all the kid’s that are with Entumbane Stars FC and the parent’s are happy for us and are willing to help where they can.

At Entumbane Stars FC we are behind the Girl child and we want the Girl child to feel at home , have fun and feel safe.

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